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The Potamogetonaceae  is a worldwide family with the greatest distribution in the northern hemisphere.  Genera included in the pondweed family are: Potamogeton, Groenlandia, Stuckenia, Zannichellia, Lepilaena, and Althenia. Worldwide there are approximately 100 species.  The largest number of taxa is in Potamogeton and hybrids are common in Potamogeton and Stuckenia. It can be difficult to identify taxa based on vegetative material only. Representatives of the family occur mainly in freshwater of low to high alkalinity; with only a few taxa occurring in brackish and coastal waters. In temperate areas pondweeds frequently play a major role in aquatic ecosystems.
The classification and nomenclature used in eMonocot – Potamogetonaceae including the Zannichelliaceae are derived from the World Checklist of Monocots. The taxonomic information was obtained from taxonomic revisions and edited by taxonomist specialists, with permission from the authors and publishers. The aim of this website is to provide a full taxonomic treatment for the family, with descriptions, photos, distribution maps, specimen database and identification keys.

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